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Optimal performance starts with good breathing 


"Breathing is the baseline of all performance. You can train your muscles as hard as you want but you will always be limited by how well you can deliver O2 to your muscles and how well they can cope with the build up of C02"

I can help you...


By teaching you to breathe better and implementing specialised breathing techniques we can:

  • Increase your VO2 max

  • Reduce breathlessness

  • Improve oxygen delivery

  • Delay lactic acid build up and fatigue

  • Open up your airways and lungs

  • Improve recovery and get you sleeping better

These concepts and exercises are based on years of experience and OXYGEN ADVANTAGE principles and will be customised and applied to athletes from a range of different activities.

With my background in watersports and my love for trail running, I particularly enjoy working with endurance athletes and all sea activities.

who i can help:

  • Trail runners

  • Triathletes

  • Mountain bikers

  • Paddlers

  • Swimmers

  • Surfers

  • MMA

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How well do you breathe? - Take the tests below.

Breath Test


Body Oxygen Level Test

BOLT, Body oxygen level test, Test your bodies tolerance to Carbon dioxide
Provides feedback on breathing patterns, as well as onset and endurance of breathlessness.
  • Take a normal, silent breath in through your nose

  • Allow a normal, silent breath out through your nose

  • Hold your nose with your fingers to prevent air from entering your lungs

  • Count the number of seconds until you feel the first distinct desire to breathe in

  • 25 seconds, is acceptable but with significant room for improvement


Maximum Breathlessness Test


Provides feedback on the maximum upper tolerance of breathlessness.

  • Exhale normally through nose

  • Walk at a normal pace while holding the breath

  • Count the maximum number of paces that you can hold your breath. Goal 80 to 100 paces

  • Less than 60 paces = significant room for improvement



I discovered and fell in love with holding my breath over 40 years ago and have pursued sports that require this skill ever since. From snorkeling as a child I progressed onto spearfishing, underwater hockey and big wave surfing.

I represented South Africa at The Underwater Hockey Southern Hemisphere Champs at the age of 19,


Since then I have represented both South Africa and Great Britain at different World Champs and as recently as 2020 I was encouraged out of retirement to make the Elite SA men’s team to compete at the World Championships in Brisbane.

I have been freediving for more than 30 years now and applying certain breathing techniques to my daily life, my dedication to breathhold has given a longevity and helped my performance in the sports I love.

I've been working with athletes and weekend warriors for almost 20 years as a strength and conditioning coach, and a rehab specialist. Helping my athletes perform better and remain uninjured.


I firmly believe that breath training is the next frontier for enhanced sports performance. ​

I can help you to perform better and feel more comfortable in the environments you enjoy, whether it’s running, cycling or spending time in the sea.

As a solo Dad I spend less time in the sea than I would like but still maintain my readiness for free-diving False bay’s deeper reefs or chasing down the best big waves Cape Town’s outer reefs have to offer, by trail-running and applying certain breathing techniques and exercises. 

Services / courses


Dates for the next  Breathing For Sports Performance​ workshop

Live in person                           Contact me for future dates 0835381701

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Stuart Dicke

Breathing for performance

Cape Town

South Africa​

083 538 1701

The best and quickest line of communication is to send me a Whatsapp on 083 538 1701.

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