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breathing for sports performance workshop

3-Hour Live Oxygen Advantage® Masterclass with Oxygen Advantage® Instructor Stuart Dicke

This workshop is available both live in person and live online via zoom.

Personalised coaching with Stuart in either an online group or live, get all your breathing questions answered during this workshop.

Contact me for future dates.

For international applicants, please send me an e-mail and I will send you a Paypal request. Please check against your local time zone to dial in at the correct time.

R500 secures your slot

To register send an e-mail to

What you will learn:

  • Understand how oxygen is delivered throughout the body

  • The importance of carbon dioxide as a gas

  • Learn to measure the onset, endurance and upper tolerance of your breathlessness

  • Learn to breathe more efficiently during physical exercise with much less breathlessness

  • Learn how to simulate high altitude training as Stuart guides you through each of the breathing exercises

  • Learn the scientifically proven methods and breathing exercises that will make you fitter, healthier, stronger and improve your sleep and recovery.

  • Ask Stuart all your breathing related questions.


What you will receive:

  • 3 hours live training with the opportunity to ask questions


The Oxygen Advantage® technique is easily integrated into your training routine and brings additional benefits even if you are already fit and healthy.


The Oxygen Advantage® technique has been developed through years of research by breathing expert Patrick McKeown. Athletes of all disciplines are experiencing its revolutionary results including Olympic athletes, MMA fighters, footballers, runners, golfers, weightlifters and non-competitive athletes.

Below are some such testimonials:


Rachel Neylan
Australian Professional Cyclist

“For any athlete, oxygen is king. Despite this the role of breathing is seldom considered. The Oxygen Advantage is about breathing to improve oxygen uptake, along with specific breath holding techniques to simulate high altitude training. Having a higher aerobic and anaerobic capacity enables us to do more with less, to exercise faster and further with each breath”.


Ben Ó Ceallaigh
Kyokushin Knockdown Fighter

“Since attending Patrick McKeown’s workshop, I have integrated nasal and reduced breathing into my daily life, as well as into my training schedule. I now find that after intensive bursts of physical activity, either a training drill or a round in a fight, it is so much easier to re-gain control of my breathing. Oxygen Advantage helps me to calm my breathing down very quickly,”


Danny Dreyer
Founder of ChiRunning and ChiWalking

“Patrick’s book, The Oxygen Advantage is a god send for anyone wishing to improve their performance in a way that doesn’t involve hours of strenuous workouts, drills, and endless miles of running. I’ve been doing nose breathing for the past ten years and it has totally revolutionized my running and seriously dropped my effort levels…”

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